how to earn money online

24 Easy Top ways to make money online [Top-24-Ways-To-Make-Money-Online 2021]

top ways to make money online

Are you seeking for easy ways to make money online ?

Do you want to earn money online working from home ?

Then Your seeking will ends here. No more searching on google now. You will find everything you need know about making money online and if anything you don’t find what you expecting here than please leave your query in comment section kindly.

On this post you’ll find all the best ways to make money online, full-time or part-time or you wanna make your career in any specific field or want to work on your talent or skill.

Today Internet has created a ton of various ways to earn money and earning money online can be a fun and effective way of living life. But there are many scams methods our there. In fact internet is full of such things and good things are also exists but you have to be aware of it. And you might be a beginner or unfamiliar with more aspects of online world. So feel free to explore new ideas and success. Here are the best 24 easy ways to make money online.

  1. Freelancing
  2. Online Marketing
  3. Affiliate Marketing
  4. Online Surveys
  5. Bootstrapping
  6. Ethical Hacking
  7. Bug Bounty Hunting
  8. Programming Challenges
  9. Buy and sell domains
  10. Sell online courses
  11. Sell your photos or art
  12. Blogging
  13. Web development
  14. Podcasting
  15. Android/IOS apps development
  16. Game Development
  17. Game testing
  18. Sell clothes on eBay
  19. Drop shipping
  20. Sell your notes ( Free or Paid both ways are there )
  21. Write and publish kindle books
  22. Growth Hacking
  23. Consulting
  24. Network Marketing


So What is Freelancing ?

Freelancer is a self-employed person who offers services, often working on several jobs for multiple clients at one time. Freelancers do take on contract work for projects, companies and organizations. They are free do their job. Freelancers earns money on a per job basis or charging hourly or daily rates for their work. Some of the most common freelance jobs are within creative industries such as web development, photography, content writing, graphic design, animations, Digital marketing, writing and translation, Programming and teaching, lifestyle, Business, videos, Music & Audio and So many others sectors available out their.

How much a freelancer earns?

There is no exact point to say that how much a freelancer can earn. It depends on his work. There is no limit of earning in freelancing. A freelancer can earn as much as he / she want to earn.

According to Payoneer the average freelancer works 36 hours a week at a rate of $21 per hour. It’s your talent upon your working field determines that how much you can earn. So If you want to grow your earning in freelancing you have to work on your talent to reach its next level. You should able to fulfill your clients need at least to become a freelancer.

How to Start Freelancing?

  1. Define you Niche
  2. Understand your clients need
  3. Set a price for your services
  4. Build a Portfolio
  5. Show what you can deliver on your portfolio clearly
  6. And start taking projects and getting paid

Where to start freelancing?

There are several freelancing platforms available in internet. Some of the top freelancing platforms are listed below. You can go their and start working right now and earn money online.

  1. [Top Sites ]
  2. [Top Sites ]
  3. [Top Sites ]
  4. [Top Sites]
  8. College

2.Online Marketing

What is Online Marketing ?

Online Marketing also know as Digital Marketing is the marketing of products or services using digital technologies on the internet, through mobile phone apps, displaying advertising and any other digital mediums. The Digital Marketing services are very effective in growing brand online.

Online marketing connects companies with qualified potential customers and takes business development to a much higher level than traditional marketing. It combines the internet’s creative and technical tools including design, development, sales and advertising.

Such as :-

  1. E-commerce
  2. Lead-based websites
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Local Search
  5. Search Engine Optimization(SEO)
  6. Social Media Marketing (SEM)
  7. Pay-Per-Click Advertising(PPC)
  8. Email Marketing
  9. Instant Messaging Marketing
  10. Content Marketing

If you want to start online marketing you should have a creative mind and thinking and some specific skills related to the field. If you are a completely newbie to the field and want to do something new and meaningful then you should give some time to learn your desired skill.

There are lot of resources and courses available out there about online marketing. You can go for any one master in sometime.

Here are some most reliable digital marketing courses I have included. You can go for any of them start learning right now.

  1. Google Digital Marketing Courses [Free with Certification]
  2. SEMRUSH Academy [Free with Certification]
  3. HubSpot Online Marketing Course [Fee with Certification]
  4. The Complete Digital Marketing Course [Udemy-Paid course]
  5. Digital Marketing Masterclass – 23 courses in 1 [Udemy – Paid course]
  6. Free Digital Marketing Basic Course [Udemy- Fee Course]
  7. Free Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing Course [Udemy-Free course]
  8. Building Business Online | Free Course | 2019 [Udemy-Course]
  9. Digital Marketing Transformation [Free with Certification]
  10. Copyblogger Online Marketing Course[Free]

3. Affiliate Marketing

Target, Target Group, Personal, Selection, Silhouettes

Affiliate marketing is the process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s [ or company’s ] products. You find a product you like, promote it to others and earn a piece of the profit or each sale that you make.

Affiliate marketing might be a promoting a product or selling both depends upon the marketer. The merchant sometimes also known as the creator, the seller, the brand, retailer or the vendor. This is the party that creates or promotes the product. It can be a a big company like Dyson, who produces vacuum cleaners or a person like Pat Flynn who is earning more than $53,000 per month.

Like drop shipping and online marketing are real way of business where there is no limit of earning in affiliate marketing.

How to Start Affiliate Marketing ?

Here are the steps. You can start affiliate marketing:

  1. Create your blog, website, business, facebook page or any brand.
  2. Build some audience
  3. Make trust with them
  4. Provide useful content
  5. Search for affiliate programs related to your blog, website or brand
  6. Sign Up for any affiliate program you want to promote or sell
  7. Link your payment method with affiliate provider site
  8. Now paste links to your business & make sales
  9. earn commissions

4. Online Surveys

what is online surveys job ?

There are many large companies offering online surveys. They want provide better services or make more sales or to know the clients psychology. Like what peoples wants or what kind of strategies they should improve. So they take some kind of surveys online.

who is this for ?

If you are a student and want to make part-time money it can be a good way to make some earning. But Anyone can do online surveys jobs.

How much I can Earn ?

You can earn $1 to $5 or greater than $20 according to the surveys. There low paying online surveys and high paying. So it depends on what kind of online surveys you are doing.

Now the question is How to do online surveys job ?

  1. Search for a company online [I will show you some of the best in a few later]
  2. Sign Up
  3. Create & Complete a Profile
  4. Get & Take surveys
  5. Earn rewards

some high paying survey sites :


Go some of these sites and starting earning if you interested.

5. Bootstrapping

Startup, Start Up, Growth Hacking, Start, Freelancer

Bootstrapping is process a self-starting process to set up a business without external input.

You can do bootstrapping in many field online. I will show you some of the examples to make you clear.

  1. Make a autoliker website
  2. Create a E-commerce site
  3. Create a online store
  4. Make your WordPress blog
  5. Make online marketing agency

6. Ethical Hacking

Cyber Security, Hacking, Internet, Network, Information
Ethical Hacking

One of the most fascinating and common best way of making money online is ethical hacking. It is being fashion of this century. If you are interested in computer and programming it can be the turning point of your life. Cyber security has various job opportunity and so many freelancing carrier online. Big companies are hiring for white hackers, programmers, graphic designers and cyber security expert. And Such security has become a vital part of this generation because such companies needs to keep their data and clients information safe. You can do such works online or offline both.

Hackers salary is approximately between $24, 760 – $132, 322 per annum. This was for a official hackers salary but for a hacker who want to make money without job, there is no limit of earning.

So let’s dig out what are the types of hacking in brief ?

Specially there are 3 types of hackers categories:

*Black Hat

man wearing gray pullover hoodie standing near gray wall

Black hat is a person or group who hacks computers and companies data for personal gain. Generally speaking black hat is a bad way of hacking. Such hackers can harm anyones system and take advantages or modify the system.

*Grey Hacking

monitor showing Java programming

Grey hackers also called grey hat. Such hackers are also hacks the system like black hat but their intention is not same. They hacks for learning and practice purpose.

*White Hacking

turned-on flat screen monitor

White hacking (also called white hat) is a computer security specialist who breaks into protected systems and network to test and check their security. And if there is any loophole(weakness) in system they find it and fix it. Their job is to expose vulnerabilities of the system before malicious hackers (grey or black hat) can detect and exploit them.

white hackers also called ethical hackers. they are good hackers.

According to average salary of a white hacker is $80, 000 per year. Some freelance hackers can get paid $500, 000 a year to test defenses of companies like Tesla. New data of bug bounty hunters shows that hackers can now make up to $500,000 per year testing security.

7. Bug Bounty Hunting

QA landing. Software testing quality assurance. People fixing bugs in hardware device. Vector web page design. Illustration of qa team, quality assurance software

What is bug Bounty Hunt ?

There are several programs available out there to find vulnerabilities of companies websites and system. It is a deal offered by many websites, companies or organizations or developers to find the bug in their websites.

What a Bug Bounty Hunter Does ?

A Bug Bounty hunter should find the bugs(errors) in the program (websites) and report them to the owner and fix them.

How much a Bug Bounty Hunter Earns ?

Bug hunters can earn a lot of money by reporting security vulnerabilities to companies and government agencies which run bug bounty programs. According to HackerOne paid our over $40, 000,000 in bounties to whitehat hackers around the world. A best hunter can make over $1 million and there is no limit.

8. Programming Challenges

E-learning distance graduate certificate achievement program concept. Low poly 3D first 1 place winner contest. Internet education business course success degree vector illustration

Programming challenges are competitive programs where programmers or coders play challenges and make money or carrier on top companies like adobe, dell, linkedln, uber, redhat, google, ebey, Nvida etc. If you have good programming skill you can take advantages of these challenges.

where to start ?

Here are some to websites where you can go for programming challenges:

  • HakerRank
  • TopCoder
  • CodeWars
  • CoderByte
  • HackerEarth
  • CodinGame
  • ProjectEuler

Here is a video which may help you more:

9. Buy and Sell Domain

If you don’t have any product or service to sell but still want to make money online then it can be a good way to start buying domains and selling them.

You Don’t have any product to sell online ?

You Don’t have any service to sell online ?

You Don’t have any Platform to work online ?

But you still want to make money online ?

Then buying and selling domain could be a right way to earn money online for you. You can sell premium domain in high cost and you can do it part-time or full time as you desire. There is no limit to earning and many peoples are doing same. Here are some Top Domain Selling Platforms revealed. Go and start Doing this right now:

  1. GoDaddy Auction
  2. Sedo
  3. eBay
  4. BrandBucket

How to Do it ? Take a Example Here :

10. Sell Online Courses

woman writing on notebook

If you are a good player in any field then you can share your knowledge through making courses and if you want to make money from it, you can monetize your courses in various ways and earn enough money too. There are many online selling courses platforms out there in internet like :

  • Udemy
  • Coursera
  • Lynda
  • Udacity
  • Codecademy
  • Khan Academy

Let me give some ideas how to earn money from your courses :

  1. You can offer the course for free and charge for certification
  2. You can charge for subscription fee
  3. Use levels payment system
  4. Directly price your course and sell

11. Sell Your Photos Or Art

man holding Canon DSLR camera

If you are good photographer or you photos can make difference people then you can sell your photos on various site. If you are and Artist and you can draw pictures, designs or paintings you can sell your art online and earn good amount of money and many peoples are doing same. Let Me include some Sites here : Just Go right now to any of these sites and sign up and upload your photos or paintings and keep a fix price and start making earning.
Sell your Photos Online :

  • Sell Photos on your website or blog
  • Shutterstock
  • Adobe Stock
  • Fotolia
  • 500 px

Sell your Art Online :

  • Artlogic
  • Indie Walls
  • ArtPal
  • Singulart
  • Jose Gallery
  • Art Please

12. Blogging


Are you a good content creater ? or do you have good information about any specific field or can you share your knowledge and experience with others to make worth for peoples ? Than Blogging is a right way to start. In blogging blogger shares their experience or information as text, post, articles, tutorials, videos or images. This is also a blog smartwayofblogging where I am sharing this post to fulfill your need for information. There are good ways to monetize a blog and make some earning. If you think that blogging is for you, than go the this post How To Start A Blog and create your blog in some steps smartly.

13. Web Development

Web Development

Web Development is a popular job which can give you more ways to extend your ideas and energy to work for the worlds need. So many applications of web are become really useful for peoples like Facebook, Google, Insta, Twitter, and various types or web software out there which you already familiar with. Web applications like Google Cloud, Amazon, Toogle, Ever Note, Omegle are making huge affect and making unlimited money Too.

So You have some ideas but don’t know where to go for implement these ideas, than web development could be a right way to go for play with. I am also a web developer and I find this fun because of simplicity of code casting. Like other Programming Languages such as C, C++, Python, C# or Java, it is not tough to start with HTML & CSS. You can go for JavaScript & PHP after learning basics for HTML & CSS & you can easily learn them in some days or week if done regularly. On of the good way to learn Web Development could be W3School for you. You can visit their site and learn HTML5, Css, JavaScript tutorials easily.

Top Companies like Upwork or Indeed are hireing for web developers as freelancer. After Learning web development you can go for any job company or start your own business such as lunching your site or services online or making your online e-commerce site etc.

14. Podcasting

bokeh photography of condenser microphone

Podcast means any file or a content which is in audio format and uploading such content in such place where anyone can see and here it. It is just like radio station. You just choose a best recording devices like mike and go to these any of the site and start working:

  • Smart Podcast Player
  • Ttransistor

How to earn money from Podcast ?

There are various companies who pay for sponser or you can also promote your local business or services. You can earn $25-$250 per 1k listens or more than that. If you own a WordPress blog you can start podcasting in your own site using some plugins.

15. Android/IOS App Development

space gray iPhone X

On average an android developer makes $144,000 per year, little bit higher than an IOS developer. Developing android apps is a little bit intimidating task because you need to have some prior knowledge of programming before creating an app. If you dive without any coding skills you will be frustrate quickly and it becomes horrible task for you. So best way to start app dev is to learn the basics first.

App market has various ways to monetize your app. So don’t worry about earning, If you deserve it, you will own it. Implement new ideas and solutions to your app. I suggest to focus only one solution which really matters to you & people and make best of it.

How Can I Start ?

  1. Learn Some Programming Like Java or C++
  2. Install Android / Xcode for IOS
  3. Learn the Interface
  4. Start Creating Apps
  5. Publish your app in PlayStore or Amazon
  6. Monetize with Admob
  7. Enjoy!

16. Game Development

top ways to make money online

Game Development is a fastest growing business these days. Number of video gamers was 1.2 billion in 2018 & increasing every day. If you are interested in coding, designing and animation field this could be a right choice for you. Creating video games is fun but it is a big task but if you want to make your own game alone, this is also possible within some limitations. An indie (Independent game developer) game developer made an average $11812 per year (down 49 % year-on-year).

There are various aspects of game development such as designing, theme creation, character modeling, animation, sound effects, Rendering, scripting, testing etc. and every aspects require different people having specific skill & talent. So if you find interesting one of those aspects you can enter into video game development. top ways to make money online.

If you want to start creating video game right now there are some software to create your games such as unity, Gdevelop, Buildbox or Construct. Some of these software are free and some paid. I suggest to start with unity because it is easy and cool. If you want to paid one go with Buildbox.

How do I start ?

  1. Start with your own Game
  2. Learn Unity
  3. Learn C# Basics
  4. Choose a game theme
  5. Design your game
  6. Render the game
  7. Publish!!

Still No idea How to start ? Have a look Here: How to Make Your First Video Game

17. Game Testing

top ways to make money online
Game Testers

Game testing is a subset of game development where gaming companies hire for testing their software testing process for quality control of video games and check the bugs. When game in build process you should observe playing and detect errors in game. Your feedback play vital role in game testing. It’s a fun and hard too but if you enjoy it it’s all the fun. Earn Money Testing Game Here. top ways to make money online.

How much a video game tester Earns ?
An Average a male game tester makes 95 percent of workers averaged about $48,000 per year & female testers made up average of $62,500 annually. The Overall QA testers in U.S in $49,000 per year.

18. Sell Clothes On eBay

top ways to make money online

eBay is a big E-commerce site which includes consumer to consumer and business to consumer sales through its site. It is a very competitive marketplace so you need do sell such items that are in high demand, short supply and having good margin. You can sell Various items there.

How To Start Selling ?

  1. Create an eBay Account
  2. Look for charging
  3. Create a Paypal account
  4. Start selling from small & grow Big
  5. Easy!

19. Drop shipping

top ways to make money online
Earn Profit From Home

You don’t need Product, you don’t need any Store, you don’t need to Deliver and great thing is you don’t have to move from your Home. You can start your business and earn very enough money from Drop Shipping And it is 100% real and thousands of peoples are already made huge profit from this business and millions are thinking of starting now. You can do this business in remote country too. Stay home and run your ads on google or facebook and make sales. Let me tell you what is the process :

  1. Go & create a Shopify store
  2. Add some products from online shopping sites
  3. Create a official website
  4. Make Trust for costomer
  5. Do good SEO
  6. Rank your site in search engine
  7. Make sales
  8. Enjoy!

20. Sell Your Notes (Free or Paid)

top ways to make money online

Are you a college student or and researching about any specific things and making notes ?. If you have good quality notes any your notes can help others to understand things and pass their exams than you can sell or share your notes with them and make some money too. Not a rich man but some pocket money for you. It is legal to sell class notes. You can Earn up to $400 by uploading your notes with One Class. top ways to make money online

Where to sell my notes?

  1. Campusshift
  2. Nexus Notes
  3. Notesale
  4. Course Hero
  5. Notesgen
  6. Notesmate
  7. NoteXchange
  8. OneClass
  9. Omega Notes
  10. Quest Notes
  11. StudentVIP
  12. StudySoup

21. Write And Publish Kindle Book

top ways to make money online

If you are a author you can make up to $0 to $1 million per year by publishing your book on kindle And that’s exactly some authors have made $1 million per year and many have never made a $. If you are author reading this you will understand what i want to say. In this article my intention is just to show you these ideas so I am moving forward explaining in simple. top ways to make money online .

How to publish my book in kindle?

  1. Go to
  2. Register you tax info
  3. Click ‘BookSelf’ & Select ‘Add New Title’
  4. Fill info about your book
  5. Upload book & cover file
  6. Set your Price
  7. Publish!

22. Growth Hacking

top ways to make money online

Growth hacking is a term which is used in many business startups to grow their business. It is a experiment to get massive growth in short time and low budget. According to indeed a growth hackers have an average salary of $82,000.

What does a growth hacker do?– A growth Hacker uses creative, low cost strategies to help businesses acquire and retain customers. Specially they work to grow up the business. So If you have such interest or passion you can dive into it Or If you want to try it then start your own business and grow it to high level.

Some Tips from Rapid Growth formula by Dr. Vivek Bindra:

“External condition is directly proportional to internal decision”

  1. when outer condition is big, inner condition is small
  2. when outer condition is small, inner condition is big
  3. Inner condition means your mindset
  4. when you implement-
  5. experience the experience of implementation

23. Consulting

top ways to make money online

So many peoples wants to achieve more things in their life, they wants to reach some destination goals and they need right guidance and right advice to easily and smartly get their. And you might have already that position. If you have some skill or experience in any of specific field than you can make money by consulting them.

How to start ?

  1. Open your coaching groups through an online mastermind session
  2. Reach out to potential coaching clients
  3. charge hourly rate

Where to start online ? – I am including some of these examples platforms here:

  • Sarah BrayOnline Business Strategist
  • Paul BoagUX Consultant
  • Kristina RomeroWeb Consultant
  • Bryce BladonCommunications Consultant
  • Maia SingletaryCreative Consultant
  • Sean D’SouzaMarketing Strategist

24. Network Marketing

three men sitting on chair beside tables

Network Marketing also know as multi level marketing or direct marketing is a such marketing where sales are complete in person to person referral. companies gives several ways to earn for your. Where you give profit by marketing the company’s products to others or you can also use the products yourself and become your own customer.

How To Start ?

  1. Understand the reality of Network Marketing
  2. Stay around with leaders
  3. Design easy & clear plan
  4. Invite 3 people per day to look the business opportunity

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