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“Your Man” is a song by( baby lock them doors)  the American country music artist, Josh Turner. It was released in July 2005 as the first single and title track of their album of the same name. As the fourth single in the charts of her career, it became her first number A hit on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in early 2006. The song was awarded gold by the RIAA in 2006, platinum in 2012,baby lock them doors  double platinum in 2018, and triple platinum in 2021. 1,307,000 copies were sold in the United States.

The song won the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) awards for authors Chris Stapleton and Chris DuBois, and the Broadcast Music Incorporated (BMI) award for writer Jace Everett for reaching number one. Turn off doors and lights, put on soft and slow music, baby, we have nowhere to go, I hope you understand.

I’ve been thinking about it all day I’ve never had such a strong feeling I can’t believe how much it turns me on Just being your man There’s no rush, don’t worry We can take our time Come a little closer, baby lock them doors let’s go through what I had in mind, baby, close the doors and baby lock them 

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doors dim the lights, make some music that’s soft and slow baby we have nowhere to go I hope you understand I’ve been thinking about it all day I’ve never felt this strong I can’t believe how much it turns me on baby lock them doors Just being your man Nobody ever loves anyone The way I love you we are now you don’t know how long.

I wantedClose the doors and dim the lights, play soft and slow music baby, we have nowhere to go on alone being your man, I can’t believe how turned me on just being your manBaby, close the door and turn off the lights, turn on some music that’s soft and slow, baby, we have nowhere to go, I hope you get it, I’ve been thinking about it all day, I’ve never had one this strong Feeling, no.

I can believe how turned me on just being your man, there’s no rush, don’t worry we can take our time Come a little closer let’s go through what I had in mind baby, close the door and dim the lights, make some music that is soft and slow, baby, baby lock them doors we have nowhere to go, I hope you get it , I’ve been thinking about all of this all day, I’ve never had such a strong feeling can’t believe how much it turns me on Just being your man Nobody ever loves anyone The way

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I love you We’re alone now You don’t know how long I wanted to lock the door and turn off the light Play some music that soft and It’s slow baby we have nowhere to goI hope you understand, I’ve been thinking about it all day I’ve never had a feeling this strong I can’t believe how much it turns me on baby lock them doors Just being your man I can’t believe how much it turns me on. Just being your man too be.

baby baby lock them doors locks them against country star Josh Turner. But I know Scotty McCreery, who actually made Turner’s “Your Man” his competition song. When I hear “Honey, close the doors and dim the lights, make some slow and sweet music,” I think of Scotty’s surprisingly deep and velvety voice. baby lock them doors The Season 10 winner performed this song for their baby lock audition at Their Doors and also during Hollywood week. When Scotty

visited Garner, North Carolina and performed to large audiences at the local fair, his idol Turner sang “Your Man” and the crowd went wild.Later, a high school student Scotty said, “This might be the happiest day of my life. But now that the kid locks the doors” American Idol “is on ABC instead of Fox, it looks like any old audition baby lock them doors whoever closes those doors. Lee Hutchinson sang it for his solo during Hollywood week. Something of a passport to the new jury.

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I doubt that Lionel Richie, Luke Bryan and Katy Perry lent much Watch out for “American Idol” before signing this new release, but what happened on the third night of last Sunday’s Season 17 audition was simply not true. I found something practically sacrilegious about babies locking their doors at 15-year-old Austin baby lock them doors Michael Robinson, whom Katy called “Justin Bieber Country” and dared to sing “Your Man”. Especially after Luke expanded on Katy’s remark that it looked like “Bieber and Alan Jackson had a son. Smalldowntown Texan lives on a ranch and hunts and fishes every day. Katy then asks him if he can. lasso, and he talks and says, “I can. Of course, he brought his rope with him. We know where it’s going.Katy thinks baby lock them doors he might need to be

simmered like a good whiskey. But then he rebuilds it like” the Leonardo DiCaprio of country music. “But od. You have to satisfy Katy’s need for mischief first, however, as she rushes into bedroom after telling her parents she has a golden ticket, then asks,” Is- did anyone order a rope? They give him a chair to sit on, but then Luke, the kid locks the doors, gets up and puts this country goblin on his shoulders as Austin (who looks like an Orlando baby lock them doors Bloom pubs with his golden rites) Katy attack. . Song, uh, Turner’s song, again? Or am I just a gruff watcher of old school “idols”?

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