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blogging the boys

Blogging the boy’s keyword has given me this opportunity to share this idea with you that how you can easily discover and start your micro niche blog in 2021 and 2022 and even in future days.

This is an example of how you choose a micro-niche blog with a full plan and good strategies with pre-planned market research. I will try to explain this thoroughly.

What exactly is blogging the boys?

The Cowboys are a professional American football team based in Dallas as referred by blogging the boys. People also searched for Dallas Cowboys for the same term which can give more benefits to choose your keywords.

This keyword is linked with blogging as well as a sport so that you can easily rank your blog using this opportunity of this keyword. You can also check for youtube or the site of blogging the boys to discover its keywords.

Now you can estimate how big audience you can capture by using this simple keyword.

Today I am sharing with you one of the most ranked micro-niche blog ideas. Most of you thinking of starting a new blog then this may be the right keyword for you.

Let's Analyze Practical Data For 'blogging the boys' keyword:

First of all, have a look at this picture to analyze the data for ‘blogging the boys’ keyword :

blogging the boys

In this picture, you can see the keyword ‘blogging the boys’ have keyword difficulty(KD) of 13 which is very easy to rank on google organic search in the top 10 pages of google.

Now, look at the volume of the keyword “blogging the boys” on the right side. It is showing 43k. It means that 43 thousand searches happened in 1 month on these keywords.

Look at this picture carefully, where you can see that even ‘blogging’ keyword is losing in front of this keyword on search volume. The blogging keyword has 15k monthly searches and a keyword difficulty of 88, which is very difficult to rank for a newbie or medium blogger organically.

How To Research Keywords Correctly?

In this way, we decide on which topic we should start our blog or articles. Always research that niche before investing your time, money, and effort in it.

Firstly take a good SEO tool and guess some keywords on which you are going to start a blog. In this case, we used ‘blogging the boys’ keyword. And put it on that tool and see the search volume, keyword difficulty, and also CPC to analyze the profitability of that keyword.

As a newbie blogger never go with that keyword that has high keyword difficulty because your site may be ranked on low positions or you may have low domain authority(DA) and Backlinks quality.

Only go with those keywords which have good search volume which can give you enough profit. If some keyword has low keyword difficulty but also low traffic that can’t fulfill your expectations or doesn’t match your passion then you can easily leave this.

What To Do With Blogging The Boys Keyword?

Now as a blogger if you are in another niche like health, politics, entertainment, or nature, I have told you that how you can research the keyword and target right.

This is a bonus for those who are in the sports or blogging field. You can use this keyword to rank your site. Just use this keyword on your article, heading, and do some good On-page SEO for your post.

When targeting the keyword ‘blogging the boys’ focus on your fixed intention and match your audience intent to read your post. Otherwise, your content can go meaningless.

If you are just putting this keyword ‘blogging the boys’ in your post and writing something else then never do this. This is not the right way to rank on google.

Keyword Search Volume/monthly Keyword Difficulty(KD) CPC (Cost per click)
blogging the boys
13 (Easy)
rangoli design
0 (Very easy)
r logo
0 (Very easy)
air pollution images
1 (Very easy)
good friday images
0 (Very easy)
teachers day card
0 (Very easy)
parametric equation
5 (Very easy)
ifb washing machine
1 (Very easy)
crazy games
1 (Very easy)

What are the best micro niche keywords?

Here are some latest micro niche keywords lists that are high in search and easy to rank.

Let’s analyze this table:
The first keyword is blogging the boys which we already discussed in this post so let’ move on to the second keyword which is ‘rangoli design’.

The keyword rangoli design has a search volume of 77k on the monthly basis and keyword difficulty is 0, which means you can rank any post or site on this keyword without any competition. But if you delay working on this keyword it may be hard to rank.

This keyword has $0.04 of CPC. If you see the keyword ‘air pollution’, ‘good friday images’, and ‘parametric equation’ you can see that these keywords have good CPC which is more than $1, and good traffic with almost zero competition.

Summing Up

Especially this post was designed to give you the best live result for how you can research keywords for any niche and how you can analyze it as a newbie and medium blogger.

In this way, you can search any keywords using some keyword research tools. There are both free and paid keyword research tools available.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is micro niche?

    A micro niche is just a topic for blogging which is very specific terms and mostly focuses only on one niche.

  • What are the some example of micro niche?

    Some examples for micro-niche are Personal Finance, Home Doctor, Dog Care, Personal Development, Yoga, Pet Food Niche, etc.

  • Which micro niche is best for blogging?
    • Lens Finder
    • Video editing hardware
    • Wall decoration
    • Home automation
    • Peak performance
    • Productivity
    • Yoga
    • Air Purifier
  • What is blogging the boys?

    Blogging the boys is a site and also has a youtube channel on the same name. On this page, it is used as a keyword to give a live demo tor this keyword.

  • What is the best niche to make money?
    • Dating and Relationships
    • Pets
    • Self-Improvement
    • Wealth Building Through Investing
    • Make Money on the Internet
    • Beauty Treatments
    • Gadgets and Technology
    • Personal Finance, Credit scores, mortgage refinancing, debt relief, personal loans
  • How do I Start a blog?

    To start a blog click here:

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