Best micro niche blog ideas in 2021

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10+Best Micro Niche Blog Ideas In 2022 | And Future

micro niche blog ideas

Blogging is continuously changing or you can say growing at its peak. Traditional blogging strategy is going to be in the dust in some time. Most intelligent bloggers are seeing this reality and moving towards microblogging already and making unlimited money from it. These micro niche blog ideas are chosen from the deep investigation of market research and high profitability point of view.

Affiliate micro niches are very popular these days and I am pretty sure that this is the most effective way to get into the right market and grow with the right audiences.

How do I start a micro niche blog? (micro niche blog ideas)

Blogging is all about giving value to your right audience. When choosing a niche you should consider about most profitable blog niches and keep the focus on low competition niches for a blog. Before starting a microblog it is better to understand what is a micro niche site and how to start a micro niche blog.

The process of creating a micro-niche blog is similar to creating a normal blog. If you don’t have any idea about how to create a WordPress blog then you can click here and learn the complete process.

For example: ‘health’, ‘education’, ‘programming’, ‘sports’ are some categories to start a blog. But if you target any specific topics inside these categories like men’s health, women’s health, hair care, heart health solutions, etc are micro-niches where you write about any specific topics or issue only.

Let’s discover these best micro niches blog topics:

1. Lifestyle


Fastly growing anxiety and mental disorder in the united states and viruses like corona taught us to work on our lifestyle. It forces people to correct unhealthy lifestyles and we have no options. People must fix their lifestyles to stay safe and healthy. This culture of consuming more should be stopped.

Best profitable micro niche blog ideas on lifestyle are as follows:

1. Physical Fitness

How do I start a fitness blog and make money?

Fitness is one of the best micro niche blog ideas in 2021 and the future because too many peoples are suffering from obesity, illness, and many diseases. Pollution is growing every second and keeping yourself fit is the most important aspect of life.

There are 104,149 gyms and Health & Fitness Clubs in us in 2021 and it’s growing. If you can provide them tips and tricks to make good muscle, biceps, triceps, chest workout tips, abs, height, and manage fat in the body regularly, it can be a very profitable business for you.

From an affiliate point of view, there are many affiliate products available that you can promote, suggest or recommend to your audience. Like home workout tools, supplements, fitness t-shirts, gym tracks, and so on. So if you are related to this field just go and grab a related domain and start your micro niche blog today. 

2. Gym Training

how to make money working out

If you are in the fitness industry or you have made good looking body then you can share your gym knowledge with others. This is a good chance to communicate with audiences make profits.

You can act as a gym trainer and charge some fee or give free training and ask them to buy gym-related products from your affiliate link.

3. Diet For Fitness

food blogging ideas

If you are a dietician or anyone who knows what to eat and when to eat, then you can turn this opportunity into profit.

4. Yoga Training

How to make money online as a yoga teacher

Yoga is a very popular niche worldwide because of some great saints and mostly wise and successful people to every citizen do this and many need to learn it first.

Around 37 million peoples do yoga in the United States. If you can write a blog on this micro-niche there are a lot of affiliate products out there from that you can make a profit or monetize your blog through ads.

5. Luxury Items

Luxury lifestyle blogs

Another best micro niche blog ideas in 2021 are Luxury Items.

The economy of the world is constantly growing and per capita income always going to increase worldwide because everyone is following this culture of being wealthy and have a luxurious lifestyle. You can share luxury items reviews or sell them as an affiliate.

When starting luxury items blog you always target high profile peoples who like luxury products. You can just create a luxury item online shopping site or luxury product review blog.

Anything but it should give value to people. The high value you add to their life the higher you become successful.

6. Family & Kids

how to make money with a mom blog

Everyone has family and kids. People need proper guidance to plan their family and baby care.

If you can research and detect these issues, matter and write some unique things that can provide value to your reader to improve family lifestyle or kids growth, this idea can make unlimited money. You just need a sharp mind that can see opportunity in every issue.

2. Technology

best technology to earn money

Technology has many micro-niches in the current time and future. This is a high-paying niche where you can reach vast audiences and provide them value. Some of the best micro niches are listed here:

  1. blogging
  2. software review
  3. gaming review
  4. gaming channel
  5. new gadgets and technology
  6. programming training
  7. coding tips
  8. learn software development
  9. learn ios app development

3. Food and Recipes

How to start food blogging on Instagram

Consuming food is never going to end instead it is growing every second because in every second 4 human beings come to eat on this earth. Food vlogs on youtube have millions of views that you check also.

If you are related to this field or can make some good recipes why not start a food & recipe blog?

You can also share knowledge about what to eat and when to eat tips or it can be how to make a salad for weight loss.

4. Fashion

micro niche blog ideas

Fashion blogs are one of the most searched blogs types on the web. If you are a fashion-loving person and thinking to start a profitable blog then you can start writing on fashion products. This is one of the micro niche blog ideas in 2021 with a huge audience worldwide.

For example, men’s fashion, women’s fashion, popular shoes can be some suitable micro niches. Or it can be what is new in fashion, or an eCommerce blog for fashion products.

5. Healthcare

how to create a healthcare blog

Healthcare is the most important aspect of life and there is a huge market of audiences globally. If you are a healthy person or having good knowledge about any specific health care issues you can implement this idea and earn a hell of a lot of profits too. 

It is the most common and having big market micro niche blog ideas in 2021 and will rapidly grow every day.

Here is the micro niche blog ideas list for healthcare that has the highest possibilities to grow fastest and full of affiliates products and a huge market.

  1. skin care for women
  2. skin care for men
  3. skin care tips
  4. skin care products
  5. haircare
  6. hair loss treatment
  7. hair transplant
  8. relationship consultant
  9. weight loss
  10. fitness
  11. nutrition tips
  12. most common disease home remedies
These micro niche blog ideas and affiliate products related to these niche consumes high needs, high searched and highly demand for the audience

6. Parenting

how to start a parenting blog and make money

All parents love their children and love to care for them. But most of the parents don’t know how to properly grow up their kids because of some reasons like busy working, lack of experience or knowledge and more.

Parenting guides or tips are the best solutions for this issue. It supports the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of a child from childhood to adulthood.

This new micro niche has many affiliates such as healthy video games, toys, clothes, and more. If you are that person that finds it interesting doing this work go ahead and you won’t regret it. If you need any support or strategies simply write in the comment section.

7. Personal Finance

how to make money from personal finance blog

This is a fact all wants to be rich and to be rich, a person needs to learn the management of their money and assets. If you are passionate about making money and you know the basics and advanced tips to manage personal money then you are fit to go with this niche.

This is a micro niche blog ideas in 2021 with low competition and high traffic.

Some of the best micro niche blog ideas on this class are listed here:

  1. how to invest money
  2. insurance
  3. financial management
  4. personal finance
  5. share market status
  6. where to invest
  7. personal loans

8. Meditation, Love, Relationship, and Knowledge

how to make money from meditation blog

The number of divorces in the united states in 2020 was 746,971. An estimated 200–500 million people meditate worldwide and over 14% of Americans have meditated at least once. Meditation improves anxiety levels 60% of the time.

This is a need of the current situation of the world because violence, ignorance, sexuality, greed, and non-humanity behaviors are increasing in our earth, and life became a mesh instead of a gift.

If you are a wise person then you have a great opportunity to spread your knowledge to the world and if wanted so much profit too.

You can break this niche into more parts as you want and start a great micro niche blog and it is the demand of the current time and in the future.

You can give tips and truth about meditation, or help others to make a happy relationship and peaceful life. Share knowledge about life education and better people’s lives. 

If you are going to start a microblog in this niche I would like to give best of luck and thanks in advance.

9. Pets

micro niche blog ideas

About 85 million families own a pet in the U.S according to the 2019-2020 National Pet Owners Survey. It’s 67% of U.S households.

Pets are very cute and interesting to live with them. Most peoples have cats, dogs, Birds, and Saltwater fish, and more. Pet lovers find it interesting to know facts about their pets.

If you are a pet lover and you can provide tips and tricks to care for pets then is a big chance to make profits through a microblog for you.

There are a lot of pet affiliate programs out there such as chewy, ollie, zooplus uk, my bully sticks, paw, petco, trudog etc.

10. Entertainment

micro niche blog ideas

One of the highest market holding micro niche blog ideas lies in entertainment niche. The entertainment niche is the most searched niche on the internet and has a large audience globally even you and I need some entertainment and no one want’s to compromise their entertainment quota, it’s always fixed.

There are already many blogs and resources for entertainment but if you can catch a micro-niche such as a movie, music, comedy articles or videos, and more, then there is a huge potential and money too.

If you are going to start any one of these micro blogs please write in the comment that you choose and I can provide you more support and stay connected with you.

Summing Up

In this post, you discovered 10+ best micro niche blog ideas and I give you my best wishes to start in right niche according to your passion and interest and get success.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is micro niche?

    A micro niche is just a topic for blogging which is very specific terms and mostly focuses only on one niche.

  • What are the some example of micro niche?

    Some examples for micro-niche are Personal Finance, Home Doctor, Dog Care, Personal Development, Yoga, Pet Food Niche, etc.

  • Which micro niche is best for blogging?
    • Lens Finder
    • Video editing hardware
    • Wall decoration
    • Home automation
    • Peak performance
    • Productivity
    • Yoga
    • Air Purifier
  • What is the best niche to make money?
    • Dating and Relationships
    • Pets
    • Self-Improvement
    • Wealth Building Through Investing
    • Make Money on the Internet
    • Beauty Treatments
    • Gadgets and Technology
    • Personal Finance, Credit scores, mortgage refinancing, debt relief, personal loans
  • How do I Start a blog?

    To start a blog click here:

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