how to start a blog in 2021
how to start a blog in 2021

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Are You Thinking To Start A Blog Now ? Then It might be your best idea ever because Blogging is a right way to express your knowledge and ideas and practice success and grow yourself.

In This Article, I am going to tell you How to start a blog in 2021 for beginners bloggers and advanced bloggers. There are some common Terms, It is better if you are already clear before diving into these blogging steps.

So Without Taking your more time Let’s Start Now:

To Lunch a blog you need to finish these 6 steps and you are a live blogger. Here are 6 golden steps given. Click over it to read these steps.

  1. Find Your Niche
  2. Make A Domain Name
  3. Register Your Domain & Hosting
  4. Install WordPress
  5. Choose A Right Theme
  6. Install Some Plugins
  7. Write & Publish Your First Post

Step 1. Find Your Niche


Niche Is like a topic of your blog or website. To choose a right niche, be aware of your passion or whom you targeting your content. This is the most important step because most of the bloggers quit quickly due to lack of clarity about what they going to do or what exactly their audience wants. As a newbie blogger do not stuck in this point. So many search for how to start a blog in 2021 without asking themselves what they want write about. So Focus on what really matters to U.

Let Me make it more easy for you :

  1. Take A Pen & Paper
  2. Write Down 5 Topics You Like Most
  3. Choose 2 of Them
  4. Decide which is profitable for you
  5. Go on.

Step 2. Make A Domain Name


Now You need a Domain Name To Lunch Your Blog. Domain Name is a URL of Your blog or website. Like :,, etc. Here are 5 tips to choose a right Domain for you :

  1. Keep it Short
  2. Use Simple word
  3. Use Common word which is mostly used by people
  4. It is better having a meaningful keyword
How to choose a right domain for blog ?

Step 3. Register Your Domain & Hosting

Now, You Should Register Your Domain & Hosting For Your Blog. Domain for your blog or website URL and Hosting to store your blog data like text, articles, post, images videos, emails etc. There are several domain & hosting provider online and they their own features. I Recommend you to go for SiteGround Hosting.

Why SiteGround ?

  • One of the Highest Rated Hosting Provider
  • Improved Speed is awesome
  • Affordable Hosting Plans
  • Top Support

Now Let’s Register Your Domain & Purchase Hosting. Click here To Go.

Site-Ground Hosting

Now Choose WordPress Hosting & Click Get Started. Now You Will See 3 Plans as shown Here:

Site-Ground Hosting Plans

Choose StartUp Plan. After that enter your domain name here and make sure you selected .com extension. [.com suggested ] :

how to start a blog in 2021 ?

Fill All Account Information Required:

how to start a blog in 2021 ?

Now Enter Your Credit/Debit/MasterCard/Visa/ Info:

how to start a blog in 2021 ?

Then Confirm The Terms & Conditions and Le’ts Move On:

how to start a blog in 2021 ?

After Clicking Pay Now It Will Take Few Time To Proceed Your Details. After that check Your email once and That’s it.

Congrats! You have Successfully Purchased a Domain & Hosting For Your Blog. Now we need Set Up our blog so let’s go :

Step 4. Install WordPress

Installing WordPress is very easy & quick. Just Login To Your Site-Ground Account and You will see a interface like this if you have already purchased it:

how to start a blog in 2021 ?
  • Select a new website option
  • Click on a Software which you need
  • Click on WordPress & install it
  • Then Fill some login Details Here:
how to start a blog in 2021 ?

Keep Your Login Details as note. You need it later. And Confirm this.

Then, Click On My Account Section on the menu & Click on Installation.

Now Click On the Go To Admin Panel To see you Admin Dashboard:

Now Enter Your Login Details which You choose during the installation process & Click on the Login Button:

how to start a blog in 2021 ?

That’s it. You done it. You can bookmark your URL to easily remember later.

Step 5. Choose A Right Theme

Now we should choose a Right Theme For your blog.

How Do I choose A Right Them ?

  • Choose A clean Theme
  • Light weight theme
  • Choose A Fully Responsive

How To Install Theme on WordPress ?

  1. Login To Your Blog Dashboard :
how to start a blog in 2021 ?
WordPress Dashboard

2. Click Appearance on left panel and Choose Theme Then Add New:

4. Choose A them which you like and Click Install and Activate.

How To Add New Theme or Change Theme In WordPress

Step 6. Install Some Plugins

Now we need to Install some plugins to optimize our content for search engine optimization (SEO). We want to make our site having good speed and fully dynamic. So plugins plays vital role for that. Without plugins WordPress Can’t collect, handle or modify users data.

Here are 5 plugins that I am using now You can easily Get Them by clicking here :

MonosterInsights : It Is a Google Analytics plugin for WordPress. It Shows How visitors find and use your site. So you can keep their activity track. You can use it Free or Paid Both. I am Using Free Now.

Rank Math : This is a Free WordPress Plugin which helps you to write SEO Friendly Content and ranking higher in Search Engine.

Elementor : This is Easy And Very Good tool for WordPress Page building. Even I am using for my blog. You can use Free or Pro Version.

Title Remover: If gives you the ability to hide the title of any post, page or custom post without affecting menus & admin area. This is Really useful For me.

WooCommerce: It is an eCommerce toolkit which helps to sell everything beautifully.

Another Way To Install These Plugins

You can easily download & Install these plugins by clicking on blue text or you can install directly through your WordPress Dashboard too. Just go to Dashobard >Go to Plugins at the left panel > Click Add New > Go to search bar > type any plugin name you want to use > click install to your desired plugin> click activate>then Its Done!.

Step 7. Write & Publish Your First Post

Now, this is the time to express your knowledge in a post:

  1. Write Your Article or Post
  2. Publish It.
Add New Post

Congratulation!!! You have successfully create your blog and publish your first post.

Now you are a beginner blogger. Create useful content everyday and post it to your blog. If you wondering to know what next then don’t worry. You will get all information in future post in this blog.

What Next?

In this how to start a blog in 2021 post we learned to lunch a blog successfully. In next level you should learn some SEO techniques and Email Marketing strategies and Driving Traffic to your site and monetizing your blog and some many. So Bookmark This site for Keep Updating everyday or Download our Free Ebook.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

What is WordPress ?

WordPress Is a Blogging Platform. It’s a web software which you use to make your blog or website without using code.

How to Earn From blog ?

TO earn form blog you should monetize your blog. Join with some ads networks or affiliate or sell your own product or service.

What are the Best Ways to Monetize a blog ?

TO Monetize Your blog or Website Best ways might Adsense or affiliate marketing or selling your service or product. Promote sponsored ads.

How to start a blog in 2021 ?

Follow smart steps without doing any mistakes which ancient bloggers used to do. This 2020 and 2021. So be updated with for smart strategies and blogging secrets.

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